London bound For Kevin Murphy training-Hardysalon

London bound for Kevin Murphy training-Hardysalon Yasmin and Kelly have been going to the big smoke for the past couple of month for training on further education on becoming a Kevin Murphy session stylist!

Doing this will allow them to attend fashion weeks and even style hair! Months of constant prep for their end session which was a photo shoot.

They have been learning the ins and outs of every product, how to use it in different ways for different looks. Also learning a few cat walk styles that have already gone down in Paris and New York.

All of this has helped them to create their own looks. First creating a mood board for their desired look and then to bring it to life in front of a camera!

The out come was out standing, both the girls really went out of their comfort zone and created high end looks, the type you see in magazines, catwalks and premium shop windows.

By going out of their comfort zone they achieved looks that haven’t been seen before, Yasmin use a male model for a more empowering look and Kelly choice of BIG bouncy 60’s style hair!

WATCH THIS SPACE…. London bound For Kevin Murphy training-Hardysalon

Next new excited training trip… An in depth cutting course to help us widen our minds in styling for you, as so many new styles show case themselves every year we want to make sure our team is always one step a head of the game to deliver out standing results!

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