New Year 2016

New Year, New Team, New out look for 2016! Many possibilities on the horizon. We have introduced this year in the best way with the greatest team! Always thinking about new and inventive way to make Hardysalon a world wide known brand (watch this space).

Not only is it a new year for the salon but the salon is now one years old! Many things have been changed and learned for the better. Knowledge is power and with endless training and courses we have set up this year Hardysalon will soon be taking over!

Portsmouth number one salon’s team have been working themselves harder, everyday, week, month to ensure your experience at Hardysalon is always improving..

We always love to see those loyal faces walking through the door but new faces are always welcome for the opportunity to create your memories.

Weddings, Birthdays, Prom and all your special occasions in Bouffant Inc where in high demand last year and this year is no different! Such a high number of you lovely people wanted to start your special memories here is so heart warming, so we encourage everyone to make Bouffant Inc your first thought for anything you have planned this year!