Spring 2015

New York, Paris, Milan and London the fashion capitals, and places where Fashion Weeks took place. Even though Fashion Week is now over doesn’t mean we have to forget the great seasons selection that strutted down the catwalk. An airy of name such as Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Delpozo, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenburg had their beautiful creations displayed like art.

Hardysalon like the rest of us would love to be able to buy every single piece of clothing that appeared during them weeks, and we can! It may not be that particular dress you saw but our local high street will have something very similar and for half the price. That’s when the power of the high street comes in. We have added catwalk clothes for you to create your own inspiration and looks from.

If you want to see more, simply click to see the fabulous runway videos… http://fashionweekdates.com/fashion-week-2015-dates.html



Its seems that stilettos are not just a type of shoe we love to wear, but also the shapes of nails this season. Its a strong powerful look and amazing for any occasion in any shade. Pastels give an elegant touch to your pointy claws, so maybe ditching the dark shades and go for a fresh glossy nail. Even if that’s not your style the perfect manicure shows your standards are high even if you choose a little sparkle.



The perfect brow and Contouring can be tricky unless you do your homework and indulge yourself in the right stuff. There are a lot of products that are out there, its knowing the how, what, where and when is a must. It couldn’t be simpler for you now with the assistance of YOUTUBE or your local beauty store matching your foundation, concealer and bronzer with professional advise as well as your brow kit. By highlighting and defining it can really change your face into the one you have always wanted like the cover girls. Giving your eyebrows a strong shape will be the finishing touch to your now ready to take on the world face!. Remember Hardysalon love more, made to look less.


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Now for the most important part of this season! Your hair, Your shiny healthy summer ready hair. Each style you choose is related to your character. Embrace what you have got, work with your skin tone and colours. Don’t home home dye unless its by a professional, sometimes what you wanted to achieve is more affordable then you think. What’s hot right now are styles that look difficult but are actually the easiest, we have a tutorial category which will display short videos to help you all out step by step! (these are all our own in salon pictures)