Spring/Summer 2015

Aquamarine, Classic blue, Strawberry ice, Glacur grey, Marsala and Custard. These colours are straight out of fashion week spring 2015. The colours this season are of the designers day dream of simpler times, when it was to make love not war and the only thing people worried about was when the Beatles where next playing. And the way you looked was number one priority.

Retro; a word that best describes a period of time in the past. A time when colours where bold, shapes where played with you hair was your best accessory and your make up was flawless.

Pastels, understated brights and pales are not only the types of materials you should be looking out for but also your nails polish. A high gloss manicured nail will get peoples attention and show you mean business, no matter what shade you decide to choose. Just note chips are only smiled upon when they are accompanied by fish.

2015 is the year of the eyebrow and the art of contour. Being able to hold a strong brow no matter the shade really shows the world you know what you are doing with your life. There is not time for un-plucked, un-kept brows, make a statement, but not to much that you looked permanently shocked.

The art of contouring is patience and the ability to be able to use a brush well enough to blend the hi- lighting and defining that you are trying to create. Every women wants to to have that catwalk airbrushed cover girl look and this is the secret to it. Nobody likes the caked on effect, miss-matched foundation and to much bronzer. Hardysalon advocate less is more.

All these things wouldn’t even matter if your hair isn’t on point. Balayage this season is everyone first choice of colour. The subtleness of the two colours marrying together is a technique that should only be done by a professional for outstanding results, Hardysalon is the home of professional balayage. No matter what shade you choose whether its beautiful honeycomb, caramels or sassy defined blondes there is no rule book to your colour. Bouffant Inc would be a great place to explore your wild side in to creating a new you this summer.

A hairstyle should really be an expression your personality, as it is the first thing people see when they meet you. You want to leave them in ore of your hair using you as thier inspiration. The most important things you need to have to create these looks are the Kevin Murphy range, an amazing salon and an outstanding stylist. But where can i find this place i hear you ask, Hardysalon & Bouffant inc of course.

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Love Hardysalon & Bouffant Inc xo