Welcome back

Welcome back…So It’s been a while but i’m back! Hardysalon’s blog is now back up and running. It’s been a long hot summer and an even longer winter.. The place has never been so busy, hence why i haven’t posted in a while but as i said i’m back to dish the gossip on whats been happening in the salon, out of the salon and everything in-between.

As you’ve probably noticed the website has gone under some major construction and is better then ever… New prices new layout and new staff…but she’ll get her own post .

Hardysalon & Bouffant Inc have been around a bit recently (in a good way) word of mouth is a powerful thing the only way to know if somewhere is worth a visit is from a girlfriend bragging about her beautiful new style or colour or the fact she loved our massage chairs or bottles of coke, what ever she says makes you want to try…does it not!?

So if you haven’t already get your appointment book with a talented director you’ll be sorry if you didn’t!


I know we’ll see you soon xoxo